Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Houston Arboretum & Nature Center is supported by an enthusiastic and dedicated Board of Directors.
Board of Directors Mr. Chad Hesters, President – Executive Committee

Mr. David Andrew, Vice President – Executive Committee

Mr. Nigel Curlet, Vice President – Executive Committee

Mrs. Ruth Flournoy, Vice President – Executive Committee

Dr. Cullen Geiselman, Vice President – Executive Committee

Mr. Daniel David Hu, Secretary – Executive Committee

Mr. Tom O’Leary, Vice President – Executive Committee

Ms. Amanda McMillian, Immediate Past President – Executive Committee

Mr. Ernest Pekmezaris, Treasurer – Executive Committee

Mr. Sam Pyne, Vice President – Executive Committee

Mrs. Winifred Kelsey Riser, Vice President – Executive Committee

Mr. Andrew Abendshein

Mr. August Bering

Mrs. Marina Christensen

Mrs. Catherine Elkins

Mrs. Leslie Fertitta

Mr. Jeff Geuther

Mr. Rufus Griscom

Mrs. Stephanie Hamilton

Mr. Andrew Hull

Mr. Matt Moore

Mr. Crawford Moorefield

Mr. Chris Odell

Mrs. Sue Oldham

Mr. Travis Overall

Mr. Robert Phillips

Mrs. Laura Robertson

Mr. Allen Rustay

Mrs. Leslie Sasser

Mr. Sean Suffel

Mr. Rob Stacy

Mr. Dave Unger

Mrs. Carolyn Utt

Mr. John T. Young, Jr.

Advisory Board Mr. Ben Landry, ChairMrs. Virginia EvansMrs. Hollis GraceMr. Keith GuerriniMrs. Amanda Gyeszly

Mr. Kyle Herbert

Mrs. Megan Lovoi

Mr. Neil Potter

Mr. Daniel Savitz

Ms. Callie Simons

Mrs. Dana Smejkal

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