Home School Program (Ages 5-12)

Home School Program (ages 5-12)

Our home school classes are offered on Mondays from 1:00-3:00 pm for students ages 5-12. A different three-week science unit is taught each month, with each class consisting of instructional time, hands-on activities, and guided nature walks. Handouts for parents with extension ideas and projects are provided for follow up at home.

Time: Three Mondays a month at 1:00 pm (classes for ages 5-6, 7-8 and 9-12)
Fees per student: $55 M / $85 NM per three-week unit

September 8, 15, 22: First Texans

Discover how the Native Americans lived in harmony with their environment. Practice shelter-building, food-gathering, and pottery and weaving skills using native materials. Learn to communicate using Native American sign language.
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October 6, 13, 20: Invertebrates

The majority of the animals on earth are invertebrates — animals without backbones. This month we will focus our investigations on worms, arachnids, and crustaceans.
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November 3, 10, 17: The World at Night

The forest is different when the sun goes down. Learn about the adaptations of nocturnal animals and plants. Consider the constellations and other beings of the night sky.
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December 1, 8, 15: Eye on the Sky

There is so much to learn about the sky above us. Discover what makes the sky blue and the sunsets colorful. Identify different kinds of clouds and explore the topics of smog and ozone.
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