Naturalist Explorers (Ages 5-8)


Naturalist Explorers (ages 5‐8)

Registration for Fall Children Programs opens for Members on July 31 and for Nonmembers on August 14. See you then!

Naturalist Explorers introduces children ages 5 to 8 to environmental and natural history topics in a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere. Classes include a short introduction inside followed by hands‐on, engaging activities outside. Parents are welcome to participate with their child, or drop them off.

Date: September 12 – December 5
Time: One Saturday a month at 9:00-11:00 a.m.
Fees per student: $18 Members / $33 Nonmembers per class

September 12, 2015: Opossums and Raccoons
These opportunistic omnivores have quickly adapted to like in the city. They’re easily spotted in neighborhoods, and we’re going to learn all about the adaptations that allow them to thrive in an urban setting.
October 3, 2015:  Bats and Moths
Searching for food at night can be hard! These creatures of the night have some really cool ways to find it! We’ll learn how we depend on bats, why moths are attracted to light, and so much more!
November 7, 2015: Rabbits and Coyotes
A food chain is what keeps all our ecosystems in check. Let’s try to understand how populations stay in balance and what happens to get the out of whack. Rabbits and Coyotes are an important part of the Arboretum; we’ll play fun games and go on a hunt for signs of both!
December 5, 2015: Armadillos, Shrews, and Moles
Life underground isn’t just for bugs and worms! These creatures have entire communities based below the surface! We are going to learn all about burrowing animals in this class.


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