Nature 101: Domains & Kingdoms

Exploring Nature

Nature 101: Domains & Kingdoms

Join us for the first of two lectures this Fall taught by Phyllis Griffard, Lecturer at UH-Downtown.

This series of outdoor Natural History classes will introduce you to the plants and animals that live throughout the Houston area.

The Fall Series introduces the various classification systems of life and the proliferation of invertebrate animals.

The Linnaean classification system sorted all life as either plant or animal. Discovery of the microscopic world introduced the concept of Kingdoms. Now, modern molecular evidence has led to the creation of super-kingdoms called Domains. This class will review all Five Kingdoms with an emphasis on the macroscopic three: Plants, Animals and Fungi.

Date: Saturday, October 4 from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Note: Teachers can earn 2 hrs SBEC credit. Master Naturalists can earn Advanced Training by taking this course. At least one hour will be spent outdoors, so dress appropriately!<
Class size: 6 min. / 20 max.
Cost: $40M / $65 NM
For ages 16 and up


swamp hare Cardinal Meadowhawk and Blue Dasher Houston Arboretum pond Dolomedes facetus Male and Female Long-jawed orb weaver- Tetragnatha extensa? Damselfly Dolomedes facetus Houston Arboretum Buttonbush flower- Arboretum Spider Lily Swamp Light #4 Swamp Light #3 swamp light