Exploring Nature

ADULT PROGRAMS: Exploring Nature

Houston is home to a variety of fascinating wildlife. From classes on bird migration to a lesson on edible wild plants, our Exploring Nature series provides you with an enhanced understanding of local flora and fauna.

Upcoming programs in this category include:

September 7 Exploring Nature Nature 101: Mammals
September 27 Exploring Nature Basic Birdwatching with Gary Clark
September 28 Exploring Nature Edible Wild Plants
October 4 Exploring Nature Nature 101: Domains & Kingdoms
November 1 Exploring Nature Nature 101: Invertebrates
November 15 Exploring Nature Edible Wild Plants
Exploring Nature Winter Birdwatching with Gary Clark
December 13 Exploring Nature Sparrow Identification with Gary Clark
December 20 Exploring Nature Edible Wild Plants



IMG_8954 IMG_8967 IMG_8936 IMG_8959 Houston Arboretum Houston Arboretum Houston Arboretum Black and Yellow Garden Spider IMG_6616 Arboretum copy IMG_1418 copy IMG_4637 copy Houston Arboretum & Nature Center Mushrooms