Wine, Cheese, and Bats

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Wine, Cheese, and Bats


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Wine, Cheese and Bats

Bats are the only mammals capable of true flight and they have radiated into almost every habitat on earth. They are responsible for eating millions of night-flying insects, dispersing seeds in rain forests, and pollinating plants in deserts. Only three out of the 1,100+ species of bats are vampires and feed solely on the blood of other mammals and birds. Other bats are carnivorous and capture small vertebrate prey, such as lizards, birds, and even other bats. Their great diversity of feeding strategies is a testament to the adaptability of these nocturnal animals. Unfortunately, most things that people think that they know about bats are not even true. For instance, bats are not blind; they do not get entangled in human hair; and they do not “carry” rabies.


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