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Discovery Boxes for the Classroom

Enhance your life science curriculum with a Discovery Box. Discovery Boxes are an interactive resource to be used as a whole class or in a science station. Teachers are welcome to share the box with other classes. Curriculum, aligned with TEKS for grades 1-5, is included and teaches ecological concepts. Discovery Boxes include specimen and/or models to be used in the activities.

Discovery Boxes available include:

Gotcha Covered – Learn about the 5 vertebrate classes (reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds, and fish). Investigate the similarities and differences of animal coverings by studying specimens. Discover the purpose of fur, feathers, scales, and other animal coverings.

Houston Wildlife – Find out what animals live in traffic lights and other city places. Observe wildlife on your school ground and learn how people can help wildlife survive in the city.

Nature Recycles – Examine forest specimens and match them to their job descriptions. As students match “want-ads” to decomposers and consumers, they will discover how nature recycles organic material. Includes extension activities for recycling in the classroom.

Reptiles – Students learn the characteristics of reptiles by studying reptile specimens and models. Discover what different reptiles eat and create food chains that include reptiles.

Tracks Tell Tales – Students learn about animal adaptations and life styles based on their tracks. Paw reproductions and “mud” are included to make tracks. Students interpret track stories and make their own for others to interpret.

Water, Water, Everywhere – Understand how important freshwater is to all organisms.  Learn how your choices affect water quality and how to conserve water.  Create aquatic food chains and an aquatic habitat.  Includes an extension about Houston watersheds.

Each box is accompanied by a Teacher Kit which includes:

Teacher’s Guide

Story and/or activity books

Additional curriculum (for up to a week of activities)

Reproducible worksheets

Resource list of web sites

Resource list of videos available for download

Cost: $50 for 2 weeks (a credit card is required as a deposit)

To schedule: Fill out and return our reservation form (pdf file), or contact Laurie Hudson by email.


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