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Help scouts earn some or all of the requirements for a badge or achievement. Scouts investigate the nature sanctuary with a naturalist and learn about the fascinating ecology of the forest. All of our scout programs are conducted by staff naturalists and use our nature sanctuary as a field laboratory for hands-on explorations!

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Tiger Cubs

Let’s Go Outdoors One hour hike on the Arboretum trails. Boys will make a leaf rubbing to take home.
Cost: $5 per scout; $50 minimum

Wolf Cubs

Your Living World: 2 hour workshop. Discover why it is important to take care of our environment. Learn how to reduce, reuse, and recycle at your house.
Cost: $15 per scout; $150 minimum

Bear Cubs

Sharing Your World With Wildlife: 2 hour workshop. Discover what organisms need to survive and how they interact. Make a birdfeeder to improve your own home habitat.
Cost: $15 per scout; $150 minimum


Naturalist: 2 hour workshop. Observe organisms in the wild and learn if they are producers, consumers, or decomposers. Be able to identify venomous snakes and poisonous plants in the area. Cost: $15 per scout; $150 minimumForester 2 hour workshop. Understand the importance of the forest ecosystem and why its diverse wildlife depends on these plants. Identify some of these plants and learn how the forest is arranged.
Cost: $15 per scout; $150 minimum

Academic Pins (for all Cub Scouts)

Wildlife Conservation: 2 hour workshop. Understand the importance of our natural resources and why we should conserve them. Participate in a service project to help the Arboretum habitat and learn how to make your backyard habitat more inviting.Cost: $15 per scout; $150 minimum
Map & Compass: 2 hour workshop. Come learn all about maps and compasses while hiking the Arboretum trails. Make your own compass to take home. Cost: $15 per scout; $150 minimum


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