Girl Scout Workshops

Girl Scout Workshops

Scouts can work towards a variety of badges or journeys while they investigate the fascinating ecosystems here at the Arboretum. All of our scout programs are conducted by staff naturalists and use our nature sanctuary as a field laboratory for hands-on experience!

Please note: our scout programs run September – May. We are off for the summer, but check back in mid-August to sign up for school year programs.

For private workshops (minimum of 10), contact Patti Bonnin.





Rosie’s Story
Rosie’s Story focuses on the importance of taking care of our environment. After reading and discussing the story together, the girls will go on a hike around the Arboretum to help clean up our trails!
Cost: $8 per scout ($80 minimum), 1 hour workshop

Clover’s Story
This workshop will include reading and discussing Clover’s Story, learn about recycling through a hands-on activity, and end with a short walk around our nature center to learn how the Arboretum uses our resources wisely.
Cost: $8 per scout ($80 minimum), 1 hour workshop


Come explore the world of bugs! The scouts will examine real bugs, make a nature craft and poster, and go on a hike to search for crawly creatures that live here at the Arboretum.
Cost: $15 per scout ($150 minimum), 2 hour workshop

Scouts will learn how to pack for a hike, how to read trail signs, and prepare an energy snack to eat. Then the girls will head out for a nature hike to explore the Arboretum!
Cost: $15 per scout ($150 minimum), 2 hour workshop

Outdoor Adventurer
Come explorer what the outdoors have to offer! In this program, the scouts will have fun while learning more about nature. This new program is designed to get girls outside and playing!
Cost: $15 per scout ($150 minimum), 2 hour workshop

WOW Journey (1, 2, 3 sessions of LOVE Water Award)
To complete the Love Water Award, scouts will discuss the important role water plays in our lives, learn about our wetlands and ponds, and even go pond-dipping!
Cost: $20 per scout ($200 minimum), 2.5 hour workshop


Flowers aren’t just beautiful, they are an important part of our ecosystem. Learn more about flowers, create a flower model, and explore the flower families here at the Arboretum.
Cost: $20 per scout ($200 minimum), 3 hour workshop

Take part in real-world, outdoor scavenger hunt! With this badge, the scouts will learn the basics of geocaching, how to use a GPS unit (provided), make a swap to leave behind, and then go on a geocaching adventure to locate hidden caches around the Arboretum!
Cost: $20 per scout ($200 minimum), 3 hour workshop

Animal Habitats
What better place to learn about animal habitats than at our beautiful nature sanctuary! Explore the different habitats at the Arboretum, and discover how animals build their homes, protect their young, and survive in the wild. The scouts will also make a bird feeder to take home!
Cost: $20 per scout ($200 minimum), 3 hour workshop


Visit our 155 acre forest to explore the importance of trees. Discover things you can do to help trees, how to identify some of our native species, and even participate in a service project to help the Arboretum trees.
Cost: $20 per scout ($200 minimum), 3 hour workshop

Breathe (Session 1 and 2)
Scouts will complete Blare in the Air (session 1) and Scent Sense (session 2) parts of this journey.
Cost: $20 per scout ($200 minimum), 3 hour workshop

Night Owls
Uncover the mysteries of nature at night! Learn more about the people who work the night shifts, and which animals are lurking around in the dark. Each event will include a night hike through the woods!
Cost: $20 per scout ($200 minimum), 3 hour workshop
**This program is not available for private bookings**

Forest Trek

Group Guided Hikes
The Forest Trek is a one hour guided hike through the woods. Along the way, the scouts will look for wild animals and their habitats, and learn to identify signs of nature.
Cost: $7 per scout ($70 minimum), 1 hour workshop, Maximum 25 people


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