Visitor Policies

Visitor Policies

The mission of the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center is to provide education about the natural environment to Houstonians of all ages while acting as an urban wildlife sanctuary for native plants and animals.

Because it is a wildlife sanctuary, we ask you to observe the following rules which are in place for the protection and safety of all:

  1. All plants (their leaves, flowers, cones) and all animals (including turtles and snakes) found at the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center are protected. Collection and removal are not allowed.
  2. Trails are designed for hiking only. Jogging, biking, skateboarding, horseback riding and other sport recreation activities are not allowed.
  3. There is no picnicking on Houston Arboretum & Nature Center grounds. However, Memorial Park next door is equipped for such activity.
  4. The health of wildlife as well as your safety are jeopardized by feeding native animals. Please do not feed the animals.
  5. For your safety and to reduce environmental impact, stay on designated trails.
  6. Dogs are permitted only if they are controlled by a leash and restrained to trails during their visit. This is as much for the safety of the pet as for the protection of the wildlife. Potential hazards to dogs not controlled by a short leash include snake bites and contact with poison ivy. All City of Houston Ordinances regarding dogs, including clean up of waste, must be followed. Pets should not be left in unattended vehicles.
  7. Increase your chances of seeing wildlife by refraining from making loud noises.
  8. For safety and greater enjoyment, we require that adult sponsors supervise visiting youth groups. At least one adult chaperone per 10 children is required.
Photography Policy
  1. Professional Photography requires a one time rate of $125, or a yearly rate of $150 that comes with a Magnolia Membership.
  2. Family – non professional photography requires a one time rate of $25.

Please see the front desk for details before your photography session or contact 713-366-0421.
Thank you for abiding by these guidelines for the safety and enjoyment of all.


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