Winter Break Camp

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Winter Break Camp

2014 Theme: Cool Critters
Registration for Winter Camp: Cool Critters is open for members for members only!  Non-members registration begins November 14, 2014 

December 29, 30 & 31

Spend the last few days of your winter holiday exploring the strategies plants and animals use to survive till spring. Much of our day is spent outside in the 155 acre forest. Come prepared use your nature detective skills!

Day 1: Forest Sentinels

Find out how trees and other plants cope with the cold temperatures and the winter’s weak sun. Learn about winter here in Houston and how it looks in different parts of North America.

Day 2: Birds, here today gone tomorrow

Learn about the birds that make Houston year round and those that hang out here only in the winter. Practice basic birding skills to hunt for those elusive winter birds.

Day 3: Mammals

Explore the adaptations that our furry kin use to keep toasty warm during winter.  Search for signs of active winter animals and evidence that they have adapted to the season.


Fees:                                        Members                                 Non Members

Half Day-9am-noon                $90                                          $115

Full Day 9am-3pm                  $165                                        $205

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