2018 Spring Break Camp

Spring Break Camp

March 12 – 16
For explorers ages 4 to 12
Children are taught in classes by age: (4, 5 – 6, 7 – 8, and 9 – 12)
 *Attendee(s) must be mature enough to participate in the above program(s) without parental or guardian supervision. 

2018 Theme: Mammals – Friend or Fur?

What do mice, whales, and humans have in common? We are all mammals! Come and learn more about this diverse and fascinating group of creatures and get to know some of the special mammals that live right here in Texas. We’ll discover the wonders of fur, test our acute mammal sense of smell and see just what the mammals have that allowed them to survive the great extinction that ended the age of dinosaurs.


Fees:                                        Members                                 Non Members

4 Year Old 9am-noon             $165                                        $200

Half Day 9am-noon                $155                                        $200

Full Day 9am-3pm                  $285                                        $365

*Family Tree membership and above is required for member discount.

Registration is now closed.  Looking for our Summer Camps? Click HERE

Spring Break Camp FAQs

Half Day Camps: Bring water & a snack
Full Day Camps: Bring water, lunch and a snack.
Arrival times: No sooner than 8:30 am, but before 9 am please
Pick up time: End of camp time, else we will charge $1/minute.
Medications: We do not administer medications
Mosquitoes: We have 7% DEET Spray, or please bring your own
Sunscreen: Please bring your own
Lunchtime: Children will eat lunch, clean their space, and then have the option to play board games, read books, color, or watch a G, child-oriented film during their daily lunchtime
Refunds: No refunds within 10 days of camp, 50% refund otherwise with email to arbor@houstonarboretum.org
Class Switches: We do not offer class transfers.


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