2019 Spring Break Camp

Spring Break Camp

March 11 – 15
For explorers ages 4 to 12
Children are taught in classes by age: (4, 5 – 6, 7 – 8, and 9 – 12)
 *Attendee(s) must be mature enough to participate in the above program(s) without parental or guardian supervision. 

2019 Theme: Sensing Nature

Naturalists use a variety of tools to explore the natural world, but most rely on the tools we are all born with: our senses! We will explore our own senses and then find out which animals taste through their feet, have natural radar, can locate prey by sensing heat, and have eyes that contain 30,000 lenses. Join us for a week of sensory exploration.


Fees:                                        Members                                 Non Members

4 Year Old 9am-noon             $165                                        $210

Half Day 9am-noon                $155                                        $200

Full Day 9am-3pm                  $285                                        $365

*Family Tree membership and above is required for member discount.

*Registration Notes: Campers must be registered according to the age they will be at the time of the camp. 4-year-old campers must be at least 4 years old to participate. The Houston Arboretum reserves the right to transfer (if possible) a camper to the appropriate class according to age. Parents will be notified.

**Be sure to double-check your cart at checkout for waitlisted camps before processing! Once the registration is paid it is considered final.

Camp registration closes the Friday before the first day of camp, at noon.

Registration has closed. Please check out our Summer Camps!

Spring Break Camp FAQs

Morning Camps: Bring water & a snack
Day Camps: Bring water, lunch and a snack.
Arrival times: No sooner than 8:30 am, but before 9 am please
Pick up time: End of camp time, else we may charge $1/minute.
Medications: We do not administer medications
Mosquitoes: We do carry DEET spray, or please bring your own
Sunscreen: Please bring your own
Lunchtime: Children will eat lunch, clean their space, and then have the option to play board games, read books, color, or watch a G, child-oriented film during their daily lunchtime
Cancellations: Notice of cancellation must be received via email to arbor@houstonarbroetum.org. If notice is received 0-10 days prior to the camp indicated, there is no refund. If notice is received 11+ days prior to the indicated camp, it will be a 50% refund, minus a $25 processing fee.
Transfers: We do not offer and can not guarantee transfers between camps. If a camp transfer can be accommodated, there is a $25 processing fee per transfer per camp.
Registration by Age: Campers must be placed in the age group that matches the age they will be at the time of the camp. A transfer to the correct age group caused by an incorrect registration is not guaranteed.
Attire: Children will be spending time both outdoors and indoors; Please be sure to send your child with outdoor clothing appropriate for the weather (coat, hat, etc.)
Inclement Weather Policy In the event of inclement weather, we will make an announcement about camp closure as quickly as possible. Updated information will be available on our website and we will send an email to participants about any cancellation, if possible. If the camp is closed due to inclement weather, there will be no refunds or exchanges.


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