Executive Director Debbie Markey 713-366-0371
Conservation Director Emily Manderson 713-366-0427
Development Director Keely Everett 713-366-0374
Adult Programs Manager Kelsey Low 713-366-0422
Marketing & Development Manager Christine Mansfield 713-366-0426
Facilities Manager Jim Crabb 713-366-0378
Volunteer Manager Anica Haymes 713-366-0375
Sr. Manager of Operations & Events Katie Campbell 713-366-0372
Registrar Christina Spade 713-366-0421
Accounting & Database Manager Grace Hsu 713-231-5669
Rentals & Wedding Manager Carol Nicolaisen 713-366-0425
Receptionist Iris Taplin 713-366-0370
Administrative Assistant Linda Roche 713-231-5671
Weekend Facility Manager Paul Dempsey 713-231-5670
Conservation Team:    
Conservationist Theo Ostler 713-366-0429
Native Landscape Specialist Jane Reierson 713-231-5662
Sr. Natural Resource Specialist, Eagle Scout Projects Trevor Rubenstahl 713-366-0428
Early Childhood Coordinator Patti Bonnin 713-366-0376
Home School Manager Justin Clay 713-231-5663
Tyke Hikes Laurie Hudson 713-366-0424
School Programs Manager Tiffany Ritter 713-366-0379
Birthday Parties, Scouting, and Collections Manager Nikki Tejada 713-366-0423