So, You Want to be a Scientist?!


Scientists have the best jobs, and there are so many fields to choose from. Every Friday, you can be a different “Ologist” and get a sneak peek into the lives of the world’s coolest careers with hands-on explorations and experiences.

Fridays, June 11 – Aug 13, no class on July 2

9 am – Noon

$45 member /$60 nonmember (per class)

Ages 5 – 12

  • Classes will be conducted entirely outdoors.
  • Students will need to bring all of their personal items for the day in a backpack or tote bag that they can carry with them.
  • Water bottles required.
  • Please provide a snack for our mid-morning break.
  • Sun protection is recommended; please label your hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.
  • Students likely to get dirty, wet, and/or muddy; dress appropriately.
  • Class occurs rain or shine. In extreme weather, thunder and lightning, we will move indoors to a large classroom allowing for personal distancing.


June 11

Bird is the word in this class all about our feathered friends. Go bird-watching, explore beak shapes, and practice some bird dance moves.


June 18

Explore the hidden universe of the microscopic world. Using magnifying lenses and microscopes, zoom-in to the soil, and dive inside a droplet of water and discover the amazing things beyond the range of our normal vision.


June 25

The largest organism in the world is a mighty mushroom. Collect spore prints, dissect a mushroom, and trek the trails to find fabulous fungi.

July 2 – No class for 4th of July Holiday Weekend


July 9

Discover history’s secret as we dig for clues to the past. Learn how to screen for artifacts, examine real bones and skulls from native animals, and study actual historic artifacts!


July 16

Earth Rocks! The Earth’s surface is constantly changing. Investigate the geological processes at work and the rock cycle through hikes, experiments, and other hands-on fun!


July 23

Did you know there are more insect species than any other living thing on earth? Spend your day sweep netting, collecting, examining, and classifying these intriguing organisms.


July 30

Trees are more than just a source of shade. Come learn about tough Texan trees and other woody plants!  Test their strength, learn their secrets, make a hiking stick, and make new friends that may be hundreds of years old!


Aug 6

Scaly or slimy, reptiles and amphibians are the study subjects of herpetologists.  Their many fascinating behaviors and adaptations have made them famous in legends, stories, and pop culture for ages.  Step into their world to investigate and decipher fact from fiction.


Aug 13

Our furry friends can be tricky to find. Scientists use tracks and scat to locate these milk-producing animals. Come learn all about our closest animal relatives!