Tadpole Troopers (Ages 3-5)


Tadpole Troopers (ages 3-5)

Tadpole Troopers is a nature class and outdoor adventure for parents and children to share together. We offer opportunities for natural science investigations, crafts, and a guided walk with a naturalist. All classes begin with an engaging introductory lesson inside a classroom followed by a walk outside. Parents are required to stay for the duration of class with their child. Siblings are not permitted unless they are also registered for the class.

Fall 2018 – Cycles of Nature

Join us this fall as we explore the cycles of nature! Become a scientist for the day as you ask questions like, “what is a rock” and “why does it rain?”. Learn about amazing life cycles and get down and dirty with worms to discover the secrets of decomposition.

Schedule: One Saturday a month from 9:00 – 10:15 am or 10:30 – 11:45 am
Fees per student: $16 member* / $32 nonmember per class

*Must be a Family Tree Member or above for member rate.

Member registration will begin Tuesday, July 31. Nonmember registration will begin Tuesday, August 14.

September 1: The Circle of Life

A life cycle is the story of a living thing. Explore some the stories of different animals and plants. Find out how they start and grow and even how they begin new stories. We will look for clues and learn to understand the stories of organisms we find in the wild.

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October 6: Race to Recycle

Learn what it means to recycle. We will talk about how worms and bugs help recycle things in nature. We will even learn what a fungus is and what it does. Tadpole Troopers will practice composting and learn how soil is made in the wild.

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November 3: Water, Water Everywhere

Water is always on the move. Discover where rain comes from and where it’s going by following the water cycle. Students will investigate who lives in the water at the Arboretum and go explore the water cycle outside.

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December 1: Rocks ROCK!

We live on a giant rock called the Earth. Rocks are amazing and come in so many different shapes and sizes. Rocks are everywhere, but where do they come from? In this class, we will follow the rock cycle from magma to mountains and go out on a rock hunting expedition.

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