Tadpole Troopers (Ages 3-5)


Tadpole Troopers (ages 3-5)

Tadpole Troopers is a nature class and outdoor adventure for parents and children to share together. We offer opportunities for natural science investigations, crafts, and a guided walk with a naturalist. All classes begin with an engaging introductory lesson inside a classroom followed by a walk outside. Parents are required to stay for the duration of class with their child. Siblings are not permitted unless they are also registered for the class.

Fall 2017 – Green Machines

This fall, join us as we learn all about plants and how amazing they are. Each class will give students a chance to get up close and personal with a new kind of plant. We will take the journey from seeds to trees, and make sure to stop and smell the flowers.

Schedule: One Saturday a month from 9:00 – 10:15 am or 10:30 – 11:45 am
Fees per student: $15 member* / $23 nonmember per class

*Must be a Family Tree Member or above for member rate.

September 9: Parts of Plants

What is a plant? Get to know our leafy friends! See how plants help us survive and why they are an important part of our lives. All students will get a chance to plant seeds to observe over the semester.

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October 7: Tricky Plants

Plants are surprising and can even be a little dangerous. In the spirit of Halloween, we will learn about the strange world of carnivorous plants like Venus fly traps. We will also learn what plants to watch out for at the Arboretum.

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November 4: Terrific Trees

Come learn about the biggest plants of all – trees! We will plant a tree together and get to know these giants of the plant world out in the wild.

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December 2: Flower Power

Stop and smell the flowers! Take a closer look at the different parts of a flower and see what they become. Students will also learn about pollinators – the awesome animals that team up with flowers.

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