Tadpole Troopers (Ages 3-5)


Tadpole Troopers (ages 3-5)

Tadpole Troopers is a nature class and outdoor adventure for parents and children to share together. We offer opportunities for natural science investigations, crafts, and a guided walk with a naturalist. All classes begin with an engaging introductory lesson inside a classroom followed by a walk outside. Parents are required to stay for the duration of class with their child. Siblings are not permitted unless they are also registered for the class.

Spring 2017 – Sounds of Nature

This spring, Tadpole Troopers will learn all about the sounds of nature. By exploring the Arboretum, learning the sounds of the animals, and making songs together, Tadpole Troopers will experience the outdoors in a totally new way.

Schedule: One Saturday a month from 9:00 – 10:15 a.m., or 11:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
Fees per student: $16 member / $32 nonmember per class

January 7: All About Ears

What is sound? How do people and animals hear? All these questions will be explored as we learn about ears and how they work. We will even conduct an experiment that lets us see sound with our eyes.

February 4: Bird Notes

Tadpole Troopers will meet a live bird, learn a few local bird songs, and listen for them as we explore the Arboretum.

March 4: Ode to Owls

Not all birds sing during the day. Learn the songs of the owls and get to know these amazing night birds better.

April 1: Boogie with Bats

In this class, students will get batty! Learn how bats use their ears and voice to hunt and find their way.

May 6: Frog Phonics

Ribbit, croak, and bellow as we learn to sing like frogs. Students will meet some of the Arboretum’s wild amphibians and find out what they are making such a racket about.



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