Arboretum at Night: Fireflies

Arboretum at Night:

Saturday, June 2
7 – 9 pm
$30 member / $45 nonmember
Instructor: Chris Garza
Ages 16 and up (must be 21 to drink)

Sold out!!!! Thank you for your support. 

There are few sights as beautiful as a field of fireflies on a summer night, but we don’t tend to see them here in Houston. Why not? Join us for a celebration of fireflies here at the Arboretum, where we’ll learn about their mysterious habits, their captivating glow, and their recent decline. While you listen to our speaker, Chris Garza, you’ll enjoy a selection of Saint Arnold beers, wine, light bites, and Katz Coffee. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to go outside and view some of our native insects at a “light trap” and take a night hike.

Notes: If you plan to go on the hike, wear walking shoes and dress for the weather.

Instructor bio: Chris Garza is a member of the Houston Arboretum conservation team and a Texas Master Volunteer Entomology Specialist. He has a Masters in Forestry from Texas A&M, where he studied bark beetles. He is also an enthusiastic insect collector.


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