Birding by Ear

Birding by Ear

Saturday, February 18
9:30 – 11:30 am
$20 member / $35 nonmember
Instructor: Kelsey Low
Ages 13 and up

Online registration closed, limited space available please arrive 15 minutes early to register for class. Thank you! 

Bird watching can be frustrating – some days you’re lucky if you get to “watch” a single bird. Don’t throw down your binoculars in despair! Birds don’t usually want to be seen, but they do make a lot of noise. In this class, you’ll learn the basics of birding by ear. Get tips for committing songs and calls to memory while we practice on three local species (Northern Cardinal, Downy Woodpecker, and Tufted Titmouse). Learn how to look for good recordings to practice with and how to apply your knowledge in the field. Finally, we’ll go on a walk to listen for birds.



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