DIY Recycled Tote Bag

DIY Recycled Tote Bag

Saturday, November 16
5:00 – 7:00 pm
$20 member / $35 nonmember
Instructor: Kelsey Low
Ages 16 and up (must be 21 to drink)

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Have a giant stash of plastic grocery bags? We can help you convert them into a sturdier and more attractive little tote bag! In this fun and relaxed “weaving bee,” we’ll sip on Saint Arnold beer (or your own wine from home) and Katz Coffee while using recycled cardboard looms to weave new life into your old plastic grocery bags. As we work we will chat about recycling, reducing, and reusing all kinds of materials. Bring your recycling questions and we’ll do our best to answer! We will have lots of plastic bags to recycle, but we encourage you to bring as many of your own as you can.

We will provide Katz Coffee, Saint Arnold Beer, glasses, and bottle openers – feel free to BYOB.


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