Nature Revealed: April Fools’!

Nature Revealed: April Fools’!

Saturday, April 1
9:30 – 11:30 am
$10 member / $25 nonmember
Instructor: Arboretum Staff
Ages 13 and up

Online registration is closed. Limited seating is still available! Call 713-681-8733 for more details.

Nature Revealed

On April Fools’ Day humans do their best to trick one another with practical jokes. However, in nature, tricks are a matter of life or death. In this class you’ll learn about crypsis (hiding in plain sight), mimicry (trying to look like something else), and other sneaky tactics that animals and plants use to deceive and survive. Then you’ll go on a walk to look for examples around the Arboretum.

Notes: Wear walking shoes and dress for the weather.



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