Nature Revealed:

Saturday, October 3
10:00 – 11:30 am
$10 member / $25 nonmember
Instructor: Kelsey Low
Ages 13 and up

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Nature Revealed

Leeches, ticks, and mosquitoes – oh my! Where do these creepy parasites fit in our ecosystem, why are they after your blood, and how can you stop them from making you their next meal? Find out in this interactive, online class! You’ll learn why opossums are our best friends, how leeches can save your life, and the link between annoying mosquitoes and rare orchids. We’ll also discuss common bloodsucker myths and reveal that the truth is usually stranger than fiction.   

The class will be recorded, and the video will be sent out after the class. Registrants will receive a class link on their receipt and will need to use this link to pre-register for the class on Zoom.