Nature Revealed: The Great Indoors

Nature Revealed:
The Great Indoors

Saturday, August 31
9:30 – 11:30 am
$20 member / $35 nonmember
Instructor: Arboretum Staff
Ages 12 and up

This class is no longer available. Please check out our other fantastic Nature Revealed classes! Learn about Bees or Explore the world of nature After Dark

Nature Revealed

You probably know all about the animals that live in your backyard – but what about the ones in your house? There’s a whole ecosystem inside our homes, from raccoons in the attic to tiny jumping spiders on houseplants. Things get even wilder as the creatures get smaller. You won’t believe the strange war going on between villainous booklice and heroic pseudoscorpions in your bookshelf! If the weather permits, we’ll go on a walk right around the Nature Center building to look for some of our wilder roommates.

Wear walking shoes and dress for the weather.


praying mantis-02901 praying mantis-02898 Leopard frog-02853 green darner-02888 Golden silk orb-weaver breakfast-02892 Powdered Dancer (Argia moesta) Damselfly-02919 Bumblebee-02913 20190802-DSC02915 20190802-DSC02870 Troetscher leafcutter bee-00348 common white-tailed skimmer-02132 blue dasher-02137