Frequently asked questions


Why did the Arboretum need to create a Master Plan?

What changes can I expect to see?

When will construction begin?

How are the improvements being funded?

How can I get updates?

How can I help?


What do you mean by restoration?

What is a healthy habitat?

What changes will be made to the landscape?

How will you monitor habitat improvement?

Who was involved in the planning, and what research was done to support their conclusions?

What would happen if we just left it alone?

What is a prairie, savanna, woodland, wetland and riparian ecosystem?

Will any trees be removed?

What is a pilot area and why are pilot areas necessary?

Visitor Amenities:

Will parking be easier when the project is complete?

What facility improvements can I expect to see?

What about the nature playground?

For questions regarding the master plan, please contact Christine Mansfield, Marketing & Development Associate, at 713-366-0426 or by email at

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