Vision and Objectives of the Master Plan

Vision and Objectives - Master Plan

The Houston Arboretum & Nature Center’s master plan will enable us to more effectively fulfill our two primary purposes – conservation and nature education – for decades to come. 

Our master plan was created with the following clear goals in place:

1. To restore and protect the Arboretum’s precious natural property with respect to its regional ecological context, while balancing programmed areas with wild spaces.

2. Facilitate the expansion of our respected educational programming through renovation of our current education building, increasing the ability of the Arboretum to meet the needs of a growing number of visitors and users.

3. Transform the Arboretum into a world class nature center and landscape experience.

The Houston Arboretum’s master plan follows the below objectives and strategies with respect to our land management, education, and visitor experience.

Land Management and Restoration

The Arboretum is located at a unique juncture of 3 ecological regions: Piney Woods, Post Oak Savanna & Gulf Coast Prairie. By restoring healthy habitat on site, it provides a refuge for wildlife, improves our ecological health by more efficiently cleaning our water and air, restores endangered native ecosystems, and provides an educational experience unmatched in the city of Houston.

Woodland and ravine

Woodland and ravine

prairie and savanna

Prairie and savanna

Educational Programming

The Arboretum was founded to provide nature education to students of all ages and backgrounds.

Facility improvements included in the master plan will:

  • Double formal classroom space, enabling us to serve many more students each year
  • Increase hands-on programming
  • Diversify programming for multi-age use
  • Increase the number of interpretive elements on the grounds
Vision and objectives - education

To see a list of current classes, please visit our calendar page located here, or hover your mouse over the “Learn” tab on our website’s main menu.

Trail Experience

The Arboretum currently offers 5 miles of trails. The master plan calls for an enhanced trail system that will improve the Arboretum experience by doing the following: 

  • Expand trail network
  • Diversify trail experience
  • Provide a trail dedicated to sensory learning
  • Add interpretive signage along trails for visitor education