Wish List

Below is a Wish List that would enhance the services the Arboretum provides to the community.


  • $100 -Sponsor One Linear Foot of Arboretum Boardwalk

    Many of the trails pass through low-lying areas, which require boardwalks so that visitors may use the trails regardless of recent rains. The boardwalks must be maintained or replaced, and in some cases widened from the current 4 feet to ADA mandated 6 feet to enable anyone to tour the trails. The Arboretum has plans to replace 539 feet of boardwalk.

  • $250 -Sponsor a Truckload of Mulch for Trails

    In order to minimize walkers’ impact upon the trails, and to reduce the trails’ muddy impact on the walkers, mulch is spread over trails that are not boardwalk or gravel. One truckload covers 100 linear feet of trail, improving the appearance of the trail and reducing wear and tear upon Nature.

  • $500 -Sponsor a Truckload of Crushed Limestone

    The Outer Loop, last resurfaced in 1992, needs 600 truckloads of stone. Erosion and normal wear have created low spots prone to standing water, which reduces the easy foot traffic normally enjoying access to the outermost areas of the Arboretum.

  • $1,000 -Remove Invasives and Restore One Acre of Forest

    Underwrite the removal of invasive species such as privet, Japanese honeysuckle or air potato from the Arboretum grounds, and replant the area with native plants. Do your part to help us realize our mission of protecting and enhancing the native environment.

  • $2,000 -Support a Summer Conservation Intern

    As part of their training, graduate students in conservation come to the Arboretum for experience. Your gift will provide the necessary stipend to attract able and qualified interns for summer employment.


  • $100 –Sponsor a Discovery Back Pack

    Purchase and stock one backpack with curriculum and scientific tools. Teachers rent these to take back to class and explore grade level subject matter: birds, insects, plants, and nature observation. This prepares a class to come to the Arboretum and learn from the Guided Field Experience.

  • $250 -Sponsor a Busload of Children

    Underwrite transportation for one class to the Arboretum. Many schools face budgetary restrictions and cannot fund transportation in addition to entry fees. This is an incentive to get more schools to come visit us.

  • $500 –Sponsor a Discovery Room Box

    One of the most popular teaching tools of the Arboretum, the Discovery Boxes allow children to learn about nature up close, by feel, touch, and even smell. Some of the sharpest and longest lasting impressions come to the children by means of these boxes.

  • $1,200-Sponsor One Week of Summer Camp Teaching

    Visiting naturalists teach Summer Camp for eight weeks. Your gift will enable the Arboretum to attract bright and eager teachers who will bring school children an exciting new interest in native animals, plants and the Houston area habitats. This Camp experience may be awakening tomorrow’s naturalists.

  • $2,000-Sponsor a Summer Education Intern

    College students apply to the Arboretum for required experience as interns. Your gift will provide the necessary stipend to attract skilled and enthusiastic interns to come gain real-world experience in a Nature Center.

All donations are greatly appreciated. We appreciate your support. If you have questions about any of these items, please call Keely Everett at 713.366.0374.