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Executive Director Debbie Markey 713-366-0371
Associate Director Pat Marks 713-366-0373
Development Director Keely Everett 713-366-0374
Adult Education Director Joe Blanton 713-366-0422
Development & Marketing Associate Amy Barton 713-366-0426
Facilities Manager James Crabb 713-366-0378
Volunteer Manager Lynne Hester 713-366-0375
Administrative Manager Katie Campbell 713-366-0372
Nature Shop Manager Iris Taplin 713-366-0370
Registrar & Membership Christina Spade 713-366-0421
Assistant Registrar Grace Hsu
Rentals, Special Events &
Wedding Coordinator Carol Nicolaisen 713-366-0425
Conservation Team: Theo Ostler 713-366-0429
Trevor Rubenstahl 713-366-0428
Naturalists: Lois Davis 713-366-0423
Patti Bonnin 713-366-0376
Laurie Hudson 713-366-0424
Tiffany McElweenie 713-366-0379
Boy & Girl Scout Programs Patti Bonnin 713-366-0376
Eagle Scout Programs Trevor Rubenstahl 713-366-0428
Tyke Hikes Laurie Hudson 713-366-0428


Houston Arboretum Houston Arboretum Jungle Party Jungle Party Jungle Party Viburnum of sorts DSCN1755 Bullfrog DSCN1740 Damselfly DSCN1844 DSCN1753 swamp rabbit (Sylvilagus aquaticus) DSCN1761 Water Primrose (Ludwigia ssp.) DSCN1818 Turtles Turtles