Field Stations

educational outposts

Each Arboretum habitat features a Field Station; a place to stop and learn about the nature around you. Read the signage to discover more about the local flora and fauna that live in each ecosystem. View our Trail Map to locate each of the six Field Stations.


Take a trek down to the Arboretum’s southern border – Buffalo Bayou. Wildlife use the bayou as a natural highway to move throughout the city in search of food and habitat. Winter months offer the best bayou views, but the shaded hike is enjoyable year-round.


Historically, the Greater Houston area was covered by thousands of acres of grasslands and wildflowers. Exploring the prairie habitat is like taking a step back in time. Take a breath and listen to the sounds of the natural world around you.


Formed by flowing water, the ravine is a shady, steep-sided channel that provides a cool respite from the Houston heat. The Ravine Field Station sits atop the edge of the ravine and looks over this fascinating ecosystem. Look out over the trees and listen for birds as you learn more about the restoration of the ravine and its trail system.


Stroll along the boardwalk to the Savanna Field Station to learn about our recent habitat restoration. Take a minute to read about the wildlife and plants that can be found in this area. Throughout most of the year, the savanna is buzzing with insects and birds hiding in the tall grasses and trees.


Venture into the wetlands to catch a glimpse of this thriving habitat. Aquatic wildlife and plants are specially adapted to survive in the shallow waters found here. During the hot summer months the wetlands dry up and will refill with the next heavy rainfall.


Nestled in the forest along the Outer Loop, the Woodland Field Station features the Arboretum’s largest organisms – trees! Learn about the layers of the forest and search for woodland animals foraging for food nearby.

Photo credit Anthony Rathbun, Christina Spade, Arboretum Staff

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