Art in the Outdoors


Let Mother Nature be your muse as you learn to express your creative side. Whether your interests are the written word, sculpture, drawing, painting, or music, find your inspiration along the winding trails of the Arboretum.

Thursdays, June 10 – Aug 12

9 am – Noon

$45 member / $60 nonmember (per class)

Ages 5 – 12

  • Classes will be conducted entirely outdoors.
  • Students will need to bring all of their personal items for the day in a backpack or tote bag that they can carry with them.
  • Water bottles required.
  • Please provide a snack for our mid-morning break.
  • Sun protection is recommended; please label your hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.
  • Students likely to get dirty, wet, and/or muddy; dress appropriately.
  • Class occurs rain or shine. In extreme weather, thunder and lightning, we will move indoors to a large classroom allowing for personal distancing.

Shelter Building

June 10

Animals are amazing architects! Discover how animals use nature’s building materials to create their homes and use that knowledge to create your own shelters and fairy homes.

Curious Collectors

June 17

Are you always asking questions and making observations? Your natural curiosity is perfect for nature journaling where there are no rules! Craft a personal journal and explore the Arboretum with us to develop your awareness and appreciation of the Earth.

Nature Storytime

June 24

Nature is full of surprising stories. As you walk the Arboretum trails, you will find inspiration, practice making observations, and weave it all together into amazing tales, poems, songs, and more.

Trash Music

July 1

Ever wanted to be in a band AND help save the world? This Plastic Free July, join our recycled musical instrument ensemble. We will clean up the Arboretum and teach you how to turn that trash into sweet music!

Ecosystem Engineers

July 8

Bring a little nature indoors while learning how living and nonliving things work to build a healthy ecosystem. On walks through Arboretum habitats, we’ll gather moss, lichens, pebbles, soil, and other natural elements to create two fun mini-ecosystems – a terrarium and an aquascape!

Design with Dirt

July 15

The earliest art supplies were right under our feet! Come make pottery, draw with ancient art techniques, and have fun getting dirty.

Organic Art

July 22

Elderberry pencils, stick pens, elm twig brushes, berry inks, and cattail paper – the tools you need to create works of art can be crafted from raw materials of the landscape. Learn the natural history of several native plants and connect with nature in a new way.

Plastics Patchwork

July 29

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! Learn how to create nature mosaics from reused plastics!

Painting on the Trails

Aug 5

Nature provides all the inspiration we need to create beautiful works of art. Explore our habitats and create colorful art on the trails using watercolors.

Drawing in the Outdoors

Aug 12

Charcoal and chalk are fun (and messy!) tools to create art. We will take a closer look at plants and animals in the Arboretum and use our observations as inspiration for our drawings!