Landscaping with Native Plants

Working With Nature

The Arboretum’s Ecological Gardening Program creates curated landscapes that feature native plants. Native landscapes are more sustainable, conserve resources, and provide diverse habitats and food sources for local insects, birds, and other wildlife. Native grasses and wildflowers evolved with the local climate and soils to better tolerate the harsh conditions we sometimes face in the region. Landscaping and gardening with native plants is relatively easy, extremely rewarding, and requires less maintenance than more well-known nonnative plants.

The Ecological Gardening Program seeks out uncommon native plant species that are not traditionally found in the nursery trade. The Conservation team uses our in-house nursery to grow locally collected grass and wildflower seeds. These plants are showcased in our garden spaces or offered in our Spring and Fall Plant Sales. In addition to providing native plants to the public, the Arboretum offers classes and volunteer opportunities to learn more about these important species. Interested participants can learn how to establish and care for a native garden, identify native plants, and propagate native vegetation. Ecological Gardening volunteers work with staff to enhance the beauty of the Arboretum’s native gardens.

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