Current Donors

Thank You to these Generous Donors. 

The Houston Arboretum & Nature Center extends a special thanks to these major donors who support the Arboretum’s mission through their generous contributions for our programs and operations.

For our capital campaign donors, please click here.

July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017

$100,000 +

Houston Endowment, Inc.

$50,000 +

Ms. Amanda McMillian & Mr. Benjamin Holloway
Mrs. Kathrine McGovern/John P. McGovern Foundation

$20,000 +

Ruth and Ted Bauer Family Foundation M.D. Anderson Foundation
The Brown Foundation, Inc. Sterling-Turner Foundation
CFP Foundation Susan Vaughan Foundation
The Cullen Foundation The Wortham Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Charles Joseph

$10,000 +

 Anadarko Petroleum Latham & Watkins LLP
Andrew Abendshein/ The Brown Foundation, Inc. The Loyd Charitable Foundation
Mrs. Shawn Dalio The Boyd & Evelyn Mullen Foundation
The William Stamps Farish Fund The Powell Foundation
Dr. Cullen Geiselman Mrs. Carroll Ray
Mr. L. Michael Hajtman Ms. Lillie Robertson
George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation The Seay Foundation
Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Smith
Hicks Thomas LLP Summer Energy, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Leigh Joseph Vinson & Elkins L.L.P.
Kirkland & Ellis LLP


Mr. and Mrs. Mark Abendshein Mr. and Mrs. Chad Hesters
The Added Touch Weddings and Events Mr. and Mrs. Kitty & Lex Hochner
Amegy Bank of Texas Houston Trust Company
Andrews Kurth, LLP Keybanc Capital Markets
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Melinda Armstrong Kinder Morgan Foundation
Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer King & Spalding
BBVA Compass Mr. and Mrs. John & Megan Lovoi
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Bozeman Mr. and Mrs. Bill McGee
CAZ Investments The W.T. & Louise J. Moran Foundation
CenterPoint Energy Mustang Cat
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cleary, Jr. NRG Energy Inc.
Clovis Point Capital Sydnor and Olga Oden Foundation
ConocoPhillips PDS Management Group, LLC.
Mr. and Mrs. Nigel Curlet Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pekmezaris
Mr. and Mrs. David Dacus Mr. and Mrs. Sam Pyne
Mrs. Jenny A. Elkins, III RBC Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Elliott Ms. Roslyn Ruethain
Fayez Sarofim & Co.  Mr. and Mrs. Shannon B. Sasser
Ruth and Dan Flournoy  Segment Wealth Management
Forney Construction  Tree Source
GRITS Foundation  Uptown Houston TIRZ
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hamilton  Waste Management, Inc.
HEB Grocery Company  Wortham Insurance & Risk Management
The Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation  Zorich Family Foundation

$3,000 +

 Mr. Nick Fersen  Saint Arnold Brewing Company
 Junior League of Houston  Stage Directions
 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Kelsey  Sterling Associates
 Mr. and Mrs. Chris & Jennifer Laporte  Strake Foundation
 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Martin  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sweet
 Mr. and Mrs. Allen H. Rustay

$2,000 +

 Autumn Lane Advisors, LLC Dr. and Mrs. G. Walter McReynolds
 Mr. and Mrs. Max & Lauren Barrett  Ms. Nancy Powell Moore
 Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bialas  Mr. and Mrs. Robby & Rose Nelson
 Chicago Title Commercial  OfficePro Supply Co.
 ENGIE North America Inc  Camille & Marguerite Pyne Fund
 Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Connie Estopinal  Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rice
 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fertitta  Ms. Beth Robertson
 Mr. Alberto Garza  Schlumberger
 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gross  Arthur A. Seeligson, Jr. Conservation Fund
 Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Faith Gutierrez  Sidley Austin LLP
 Jamie Lewis Artistry  Sun Coast Resources, Inc.
 Mr. and Mrs. John Kafka  Mr. and Mrs. Winston Talbert
 Katz Coffee  The Tapeats Fund
 Mr. and Mrs. Mavis P. Kelsey, Jr.  Mr. and Mrs. Adam & Kelly Tepper
 Mr. and Mrs. Josh Kirklin  Louis and Joyce Tucker Foundation
  The Lubrizol Corporation  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew White
 Mrs. Nancy Manderson

$1,000 +

 Mr. and Mrs. David Andrew  Mr. and Mrs. Randall B. Lake
 Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Atlas  Mr. and Mrs. Greg Lisewsky
 Mr. Scott Atlas  Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Loocke
 Ms. Jenna Atwood  Mr. and Mrs. Benton Love
 Mr. Bart Barrett  Mr. and Mrs. William S. Manuel, III
 Berkadia Real Estate Advisors LLC  Maple Development Ltd
 Mr. and Mrs. Stirling and Jill Bomar  Mr. Harold May
 Boulevard Realty  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dosett McCullough, Jr.
 Bowen, Miclette & Britt Insurance Agency, LLC  Mr. Payam Mehdizadeh + Friends
 Mr. and Mrs. John P. Bowman  Ms. Sheryl Mills
 Mr. and Mrs. William S. Bragan, III  Ms. Alicia A. Moise
 Ms. Terrye Branson  Mr. and Mrs. Peder Monsen
 Mr. and Mrs. Will Brown  Mr. and Mrs. Billy & Brooke O’Neill
 Mr. and Mrs. Drew Burgoyne  Mr. and Mrs. David Ott
 Capital One Bank  Overture Tanglewood
 Tay & Philip Carey  Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Pepi
 Mr. Jim Carman  Mr. and Mrs. Mosby Perrow
 Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Carr, Jr.  Ms. Darla Powell Phillips
 CenterPoint Energy – Clean Air Technology  Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Powell, V
 Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Criner  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rizza
 Mr. and Mrs. Ken Culotta  Mr. and Mrs. Corbin J. Robertson, Jr.
 Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Cureton, Jr.  Mr. and Mrs. Matt Rollins
 Mr. and Mrs. Wallace E. Davenport  Mr. Gary L. Savage
 Mr. and Mrs. Kenady Davis  Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Savitz
 Ms. Leslie Davis  Mr. and Mrs. Mac Shuford
 Mr. and Mrs. Brad & Brittany Dinerstein  Smith Graham & Co. Investment Advisors, L.P.
 Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Eaton  Mrs. W. Kathryn Smyth
 Mr. and Mrs. Campbell & Annie Eifler  Mr. and Mrs. R. John Stanton, Jr.
 EnCap Investments, L.P.  Mr. and Mrs. John & Mary Steen
 Exxon Mobil Foundation  Ms. Diana Strassmann
 Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Seale, Jr.  Mr. and Mrs. Nick & Jenni Swyka, III
 Ms. Rebecca Gips  Ms. Anna Szurgot
 Goldman, Sachs & Co.  Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Tate
 Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Gray  Mrs. Terri L. Thomas
 Mr. Rufus Griscom  Title Houston Holdings
 Mr. and Mrs. Carter Groves  U.S. Trust
 Mr. and Mrs. Keith Guerrini  Mr. and Mrs. David Unger
 Hein & Associates  Mr. and Mrs. William P. Utt
 Insgroup, Inc  Mr. and Mrs. Tom Vann
 Mrs. Nancy Japhet  Mr. and Mrs. Josh Volz
 Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Kafka  Mr. W. Timothy Weaver, Attorney at Law
 Mr. and Mrs. Evan & Nicole Katz  Mr. and Mrs. James Whitehead
 Mr. and Mrs. Asheley Kinsey  Ytterberg Deery & Knull
 Korn Ferry  Mr. and Mrs. Daniel & Brittany Zeplain

$500 +

 A Finer Event  Ms. Lisa McGuff
 Almar Foundation, The  Ms. Alice McNamara
 Mr. and Mrs. Davis Bonham  Mr. and Mrs. John Miller
 Ms. Barbara Bushong   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mithoff
 Calvetti Ferguson  Mr. Josh Moore
 Dr. Guy Cameron  Mr. and Mrs. G. Crawford Moorefield
 Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program  Ms. Virginia Muller and Mr. Timothy Daponte
 E. Johnston Designs  Mr. David Peavy and Dr. Stephen McCauley
 EB Inc  Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Phillips
 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Evnochides  Mr. and Mrs. Roger Plank
 Mr. Bradly Evraets  Porter Hedges LLP
 Mr. and Mrs. John and Krista Foley  Dr. and Mrs. Alfonso Prado
 Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Fowler  Mr. and Mrs. David Pursell
 Mr. and Mrs. Tim Goodwin  Ms. Carol Relihan and Mr. John Arthur
 Mr. and Mrs. Matt Gordon  Mr. Nicholas Ro
 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Greer  Mr. and Mrs. Greg Robbins
 Mr. and Mrs. William Haddock  Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Robinowitz
 Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Harrill  Ms. Shannon Scoville
 Mr. Roger Petersen and Ms. Louisa Hayward Ms. Margaret Sheridan
 Mr. and Mrs. J. Roger Hite  State Farm Companies Foundaton
 The House At Pooh Corner  Mr. and Mrs. Sean Suffel
 Mr. Daniel Hu and Ms. Susan Yang  T.L.L. Temple Foundation
 Irvine Team  Mr. and Mrs. Winston Talbert
 Mrs. Arthur E. Jones  Mr. and Mrs. Tom Vargo
 Mr. James M. Jordan  Mr. and Mrs. Larry Veselka
 Kayser Foundation, The  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Virene
 Mr. and Mrs. Curtis J. Klement  Ms. Wynne Walker
 Mrs. Carla Knobloch  Mr. and Mrs. David F. Webber
 Mr. and Mrs. David Knowles  Ms. Ouida Lenaine Westney
 Ms. Pamela F. Lea  Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Whatley
 Mr. and Mrs. Craig Ledet  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Whatley
 Mrs. Catherine C. Malone  Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wheeler
 Pat and T. J. Marks  Mr. and Mrs. John F. Wombwell
 Ms. Rebecca E. Marvil and Mr. Brian Smyth Ms. Carol M. Wood

For information about making a donation to the Arboretum, please contact Keely Everett at 713-366-0374 or email.