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Educator Workshop Happy Hour

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September 15 2022 from 5:00 pm 7:00 pm

All educators are welcome at our workshops: classroom teachers, outdoor educators, scout leaders, homeschool parents – anyone who wants to learn fun, hands-on ways to teach children about science and nature.

The Arboretum’s workshops include:

  • Engaging outdoor activities
  • Fun curriculum ideas
  • Inter-disciplinary connections to the natural world
  • Beer & wine
  • Light snacks

Houston Arboretum & Nature Center is an approved CPE provider for Texas Education Association. Teachers who attend our workshops receive official CPE credits and proof of attendance for each workshop.

$20 per person per class

All attendees will be entered into a door prize raffle for a special gift from Kendra Scott!

Teaching STEM Outside

Thursday, August 11

Outdoor lessons and games connect students to science, technology, engineering, and math concepts in meaningful ways. Activities in this workshop will help you utilize your schoolyard or outdoor learning environment to study habitats, organisms, and natural systems. We will discuss hazards and challenges to teaching outside, while providing best practices from experienced outdoor educators.

Bird’s the Word

Thursday, September 15

Schoolyards can be excellent habitats for birds, and birds are easy study subjects to engage your students in outdoor learning. Learn how to find and participate in community science projects, practice using the latest apps to identify local birds, and plan simple ways to encourage more birds to visit your schoolyard.

Nature at Night

Thursday, October 20

As the sun sets, a lot of wildlife heads to bed, but others are just starting their day. Adaptations are key to survival at night for predators and prey. Strengthen your concept knowledge and teaching methods to shed some light on how these creatures survive in the wild.

Do the Rot Thing

Thursday, November 17

No one is better at recycling than Mother Nature. We will unearth the mystery of the disappearing log by cataloguing predators, prey, and decomposers hard at work on the recycling team. Learn how compost works, take home a compost starter kit, and discuss ways to combat food waste in your classroom and beyond.

Wild Winter

Thursday, December 15

Migrate, hibernate, or brumate. These are just a few of the many ways that wild animals spend the cold months of the year. Others that live where it’s cold year-round have special adaptations to endure frigid conditions. Experiments to test insulation, projects to feed hungry travelers, and suggestions on providing protective shelter for wildlife will bring winter to life – even if it hasn’t arrived in Houston just yet!