Special Programs


Note: Due to the specialized nature of these Special Programs, pre-approval is required from our school programs manager to ensure we have adequate staffing for your group or school.

Class size: Minimum 20 students/Maximum 60 students
Description: Full day programs involving hands-on activities and nature hikes designed to give a comprehensive understanding of a particular science topic. Programs can even be developed to meet your specific curriculum needs.
Tour Times: 9:30 am – 1:00 pm, Tuesday – Friday
Fee: $15 per student

Earth Science Program: Students will discover how the Earth’s landscape constantly changes due to the processes of weathering, erosion, and deposition during this hands-on three-hour program. Experiments involving these processes as well as soil composition and percolation will enhance their earth science knowledge. They will observe these processes at work in our 155-acre nature sanctuary during a nature hike.

Weather Program: During this interactive three-hour program, students will discover the relationships between the earth, water, air, and sun that cause our weather. After experimenting with the processes of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation, they will “travel” through the water cycle as a water molecule. Students will make and test their own weather instruments, then explore our trails to observe the effects of weather on the organisms and landscapes of the Arboretum.

Custom Program: Our professional staff of certified teachers will work with you to design a program to meet your curriculum needs. Our programs enhance and integrate your school’s curriculum by providing hands-on, environmental experiences. We can create three-hour programs that are grade-level appropriate, engaging, and fun! For more information, email schoolprograms@houstonarboretum.org   



        Please ensure that your Field Trip request has been pre-approved by your educational institution before scheduling.


        An accurate count of attending students is required before submitting a scheduling request.


        One adult for every 10 students is required to ensure safety and to help supervise your students. Additional chaperones over the requirement are charged $7 per person.

        The program is designed for your students; please ask parents to leave younger siblings at home.

      • DRESS

        Please advise students and parents to dress appropriately for a nature hike and the weather. Students and adults should wear closed-toe shoes for safety. Sandals or high heels are strongly discouraged.

      • LUNCH

        There are no picnic facilities at the Arboretum, however, we provide a lunch area for a full day program. Half day programs may use our building apron if available. Picnic areas can be found within Memorial Park’s picnic loop.


        Bus parking is available only from our 610 entrance. Please look for bus parking signs. Staff will be present to assist drivers. Address: 120 West Loop North Fwy, Houston, TX  77024


        Programs are conducted rain or shine. Ponchos are provided for light rain. In case of severe weather, we will offer an equivalent indoor program. If cancellation is necessary due to extreme weather conditions, rescheduling may not be possible due to our tight calendar.


        Rescheduling requests are addressed at the Houston Arboretum’s availability and discretion. Rescheduling a confirmed program 0-30 days prior to your scheduled date will result in a rescheduling fee of $50.00.


        Program fees are non-refundable.

      • PAYMENT

        Payment is required in advance and in full. Accepted forms of payment are organizational check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. All checks must be made payable to: Houston Arboretum & Nature Center. Questions about policies? Please click – School Program Payment Policy (pdf).


        Email schoolprograms@houstonarboretum.org

      • On-site Special Program Reservation Request

        • Step 1: General Information

        • Email to be used as a primary form of communication
        • Payment in full is required to confirm the field trip. Schools scheduling for school programs 31- 270 days prior to the trip date refer to invoice for payment due date. Schools scheduling 0-30 days prior to trip date are to be paid upon receipt of the invoice.
        • Please notate any special needs, accessibility, specific contact information, and requests for multiple trip dates here.
        • Step 2: Select a Date

          Please select one to three calendar dates in order of preference. Programs are scheduled Tuesday – Friday.
        • MM slash DD slash YYYY
        • MM slash DD slash YYYY
        • MM slash DD slash YYYY
        • Step 3: Student Counts and Topic Selection

        • Please note that the Field Trip student maximum is 60 students per day. Student counts over 60 will require more than one field trip date.
        • Please choose one.
        • Please clarify your custom program here. This information will help us get a better idea of the type of program you are requesting.
        • Step 4: Chaperones and Payment

          One chaperone for every 10 children is given complimentary entry. If you wish to pay for additional chaperones in advance, please see the "Additional Chaperone" area below.
        • Payment is required in advance and in full. Accepted forms of payment are organizational check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. All checks must be made payable to the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center.
        • Price: $9.00
          Additional chaperones may pay on the day of the program.
        • $0.00
          There is a minimum student requirement for all programs. Should the student count fail to meet the minimum requirement, the reflected total pricing is subject to change to cover the minimum cost necessary to provide the educational program.