Experiences for Children & Families

Houston Arboretum & Nature Center values connecting communities across Houston to the nature in their neighborhoods. Arboretum Naturalists are available to visit libraries, community centers, and local organizations to deliver environmental education lessons with hands-on and engaging activities that connect children and families to the natural world.


$100 – 0-10 miles

$125 – 11-20 miles

$150 – 21-30 miles

If you are a 501(c)(3) organization, please contact us for special pricing.


Frogs and Fairytales

What animal is covered in mucous and loves to eat bugs? Frogs! Observe a live specimen while you learn about the anatomy, life cycle, and habitats of frogs and toads.

Incredible Invertebrates

Get up close and personal with the largest and most diverse group of animals in the world: invertebrates! Invertebrates may be small, but they play a huge role in our ecosystem. Participants will discover how arthropods (like insects, spiders, and millipedes) help create healthy habitats and learn more about the special adaptations that help invertebrates survive.

Avian Antics

The bird world is full of fascinating species! Participants will learn bird biology, act out common bird behaviors, and investigate how unique adaptations help birds thrive in their habitats. Touchable biofacts such as bones, talons, and feathers add new layers of fun as we learn about our feathered friends.

Nocturnal Animals

When the sun goes down, a whole new world of wildlife emerges! Learn why some animals prefer to be active at night and uncover their secrets for navigating the darkness. Discover which animals might be wandering around your own neighborhood after hours.  

Other topics by request

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