Summer Discovery Program

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Schedule a half day of hands-on science for up to 60 students (June 8 – August 12, 2022)

Tour Times: 9:30 am – 11:00 am, Wednesday – Friday

Fee: $6 per student

Class size: Minimum 15 students/Maximum 60 students

Description: Our summer program consists of three 30-minute rotations, with a maximum of 20 people per group (60 total). The stations include a visit to our Discovery Room, a self-guided scavenger hunt on one of our many trails, and an adventure in our Nature Playscape.

The Discovery Room is an interactive science classroom – a place to explore and experience Arboretum habitats and the organisms that live here in an engaging and fun way.

  • Hunt for and learn about Arboretum creatures perched on our Discovery Tree, hidden in our Living Log, lurking on the floor, or swimming in our wetland tanks.
  • Explore the Prairie Underground exhibit to discover some of our prairie residents.
  • Learn about our ambassador animals now on display in the Discovery Room!
  • Explore the exhibits including microscopes, animal pelts, skulls, rocks, native plants, etc.

The Nature Playscape is an outdoor playground that invites you to use your imagination as you explore, climb, crawl, build, balance, and connect with the natural world around you.  


Please ensure that your Field Trip request has been pre-approved by your educational institution before scheduling.
An accurate count of attending students is required before submitting a scheduling request.
One adult for every 10 students is required to ensure safety and to help supervise your students. Additional chaperones over the requirement are charged $6 per person.
The program is designed for your students; please ask parents to leave younger siblings at home.
Please advise students and parents to dress appropriately for a nature hike and the weather. Students and adults should wear closed-toe shoes for safety. Sandals or high heels are strongly discouraged.
We have a small area at the back of the building that permits food and drink. If available, your school may use this area. Please make sure to clean up after. Picnic areas can be found within Memorial Park’s picnic loop.
Bus parking is available at our 610 Entrance. Please look for bus parking signs.
Address: 120 West Loop North Fwy, Houston, TX 77024
Mosquitoes can be a problem in the summer. Please bring insect repellent for your students.
Programs are conducted rain or shine, please prepare students to dress for the weather.  In case of severe weather, due to COVID-19 health and safety precautions, we are unable to offer an equivalent indoor program. If cancellation is necessary due to extreme weather conditions, rescheduling may not be possible due to our tight calendar, but every attempt will be made to do so.
Program fees are non-refundable.
Payment in full is required in advance. Accepted forms of payment are organizational check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. All checks must be made payable to: Houston Arboretum & Nature Center.


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