Summer Camp

Ages 4 – 12
June 5 – August 11, 2023
Children are taught in classes by age: 4, 5 – 6, 7 – 8, and 9 – 12

Register your kids for our fun-filled, week-long camps that explore the natural world through active, hands-on indoor and outdoor adventures at this 155-acre nature sanctuary.

After Camp

Ages 5-12
Monday – Friday, 3:00 – 5:30 pm

Campers will enjoy outdoor nature walks, games, or time on the Nature Playscape and indoor activities like crafts, board games, and card games. In the event of weather advisories, students will have the option to watch child appropriate nature videos or movies.


4 and 5-6 Year Old Half Day

9 am – 12 pm
$190 member / $240 nonmember

5-12 Year Old Full Day

9 am – 3 pm
$295 member / $370 nonmember

5-12 Year Old After Camp

3:00 – 5:30 pm
$85 member / $100 nonmember

The week of July 4th will be prorated – please see below for pricing.

Family Tree membership level and above required for member discount.

Registration Notes

  • Houston Arboretum Camps are fundamentally educational in nature and curriculum-based. Campers must be registered according to the age they will be at the time of the camp. 4-year-old campers must be at least 4 years old to participate. The Houston Arboretum reserves the right to transfer (if possible) a camper to the appropriate class according to age. Parents will be notified.
  • Students with special needs must be capable of attending class without an aid and exhibiting respectful classroom behavior.
  • The 5-6 year old Half Day class is separate from the 5-6 year old Full Day class.

Be sure to double-check your shopping cart for waitlisted camps before continuing to the checkout page. Once the registration is paid it is considered final.

Swamp Rompers

Swamp, marsh, fen, and bog; home to heron, fish, and frog! This action-packed nature camp will explore the wild world of wetlands. Discover the aquatic features and creatures that keep these important habitats healthy with hands-on learning, fun games, and creative crafts.

Beak Week

Over 200 different bird species have passed through the Arboretum at one time or another. We’ll “meet” some of the most common summer residents and learn their calls and colors. Students will become amateur ornithologists as we explore the ecology of birds, nests, and eggs.

Staying Alive

A snake with a snorkel, a blood-squirting lizard, an acting bird, and a roly-poly mammal. Vertebrates have the most amazing adaptations! Learn about these features and many more that help animals survive in their environment. See first-hand some of the incredible structures that mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and fish use to stay alive.

City Critters

Learn about the creatures who live close to humans while still staying wild. We’ll see how everyone can make their yard a miniature wildlife preserve to attract some of these intriguing critters. Students will become the family expert on ecology with an urban twist.

Living on the Edge

Have you ever seen an Ocelot, an Attwater’s Prairie Chicken, a Houston Toad, or a White-nosed Coati? These animals are all native to Texas, yet seldom seen because they are either endangered or threatened species. Games, educational crafts, and outside activities will help us learn about the rarest of Texas animals and reasons for their scarcity.

July 5 – 7
This camp is prorated due to the 4th of July holiday

4 and 5-6 Year Old Half Day
$110 member / $150 nonmember

5-12 Year Old Full Day
$165 member / $235 nonmember

After Camp
$50 member / $60 nonmember

4 Year Old Half Day – SOLD OUT

5-6 Year Old Half Day – waitlist only

5-6 Year Old Full Day – waitlist only

7-8 Year Old Full Day – SOLD OUT

9-12 Year Old Full Day – waitlist only

After Camp – waitlist only