Written by Keely Everett

We’ve all seen the ‘Keep Texas Wild’ license plates that feature Texas natives like the Horned Lizard, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, or Rattlesnake, but did you know that these specialty plates actually help support local environmental nonprofits like the Houston Arboretum? As part of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Conservation License Plate Program, $22 of the $30 you pay for a Conservation License Plate goes to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department! These funds are then used to help organizations that protect native Texas wildlife and educate people about conservation.

This year, the Arboretum was honored to be the recipient of one of these Conservation License Plate program grants. We received over $10,000 to support our Guided Field Experience program which introduces elementary age students to the natural world through outdoor science education and activities like pond dipping and guided nature hikes. Many of the students who visit our nature center through this program have had little to no interaction with the natural world around them. Their experience at the Arboretum not only introduces them to the great outdoors, but also teaches them an incredible appreciation for local trees, birds, insects, and other wildlife. We are so grateful to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, and to those of you sporting your Horned Lizard and Hummingbird plates, for making this fantastic program possible!

Learn more about the Conservation License Plate program (or order one for yourself!) here: www.conservationplate.org

If you’re interested in signing your class up or learning more about the Guided Field Experience program, click here.

Keep Texas Wild License Plate with Horned Lizard